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India 2023, the country has made phenomenal progress both in economics and technology. A manned mission to Mars has been sent by ISRO, the Union of India has become part of G10 summit and has established an economy almost parallel to China, but on the other hand, there is the dark side of our country as well. Distant rural villages which still live in the medieval customs of casteism, superstition, and hegemony of the rich and highborn. A young doctor Gautham Subramanian and his wife and daughter while traveling from Nagapattinam to Chennai in his car experience a breakdown beside a deserted village while availing a detour from the highway. Keeping his family in the comparative safety of his expensive SUV he walks more than four miles in the heavy rain to reach the nearest village for help. Exhausted and distressed he is appalled to find out that no one is willing to help him, they say Gautham doomed his family because he left them beside the abandoned and haunted village of Kattiyal where bloodthirsty ghosts roam around. The village was destroyed years ago in 2004 during the great tsunami, but a horrid curse remains. Gautham cannot believe he is hearing such superstitious nonsense in the year 2023. However he finally finds unlikely assistance in form of three elderly men – Shakthivel Thevar, the village headman, Rajah the burly local mechanic/blacksmith and Peter the village drunk and bar owner. Both Rajah and Shakthi have their personal agendas to help Gautham because they both lost their children to the horrors of Kattiyal and would not let Gautham share their fate. The three old friends and Gautham venture out in the torrential dark to Kattiyal and faces a dread which is not supernatural but real flesh and blood, the result of past sins committed by Shakthivel’s own family which has now sworn vengeance on all civilization. Can the trio of old men and Gautham find his wife and child? Will they survive that night in the village?