The fate of Mumbai rests in the Kurkure-encrusted hands of its least likely saviour. Super? Nope. Hero? Barely. The man Mumbai deserves? Totally! When the long shadow of crime plunges the nation into a pall of terror, a gleaming sliver of hope will slice through the darkness. The world will watch with bated breath as a white knight emerges.
When a deadly threat threatens to ignite a war on the streets of Mumbai, an alcoholic, washed-up former superhero must reluctantly join forces with a mysterious individual from his past to fight the ticking clock and save the city. The catch? This individual just happens to be the greatest super-villain Mumbai has ever known.

Codename Alpha is a self-aware superhero epic with all the whistle-worthy 80s Bollywood trappings we know and love. It is Deadpool meets Om Shanti Om – the self-aware, irreverent, foul-mouthed lovechild of the Russo Brothers and Manmohan Desai.